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Axial fans

Wall-mounted axial fans

These are found primarily in industrial environments where there is an elevated presence of toxic gas and fumes, including the chemical, pharmaceutical and metallurgical industries.

Our rugged, heavy-duty industrial axial fans are made of zinc and aluminum. They can efficiently and continuously vent toxic gas and fumes while withstanding the assaults of exterior elements, such as weather, fire, etc.

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Ducted axial fans

These ducted axial fans, which are mounted on short casing (HDO) or long casing (HD1S) can provide ventilation or exhaust with strong airflow but at low pressure. They are found primarily in industrial companies with the highest presence of toxic fumes and gasses, but also in warehouses, business premises, batteries, etc.

Made from cast aluminum, our ferrule-mounted axial fans are extremely durable. They can function in explosive or corrosive environments, under extreme heat, etc.

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