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Constant volume

If you need to restore or change constant volume units into variable volume units or if you need to switch your aging systems over to DDC, our mechanisms will allow you to keep your current high-velocity unit, while reducing operating pressure, energy consumption and noise levels.

We manufacture products to your specifications.

Available for the majority of constant volume boxes, including Anemostat, Anemotech, Buensod-Stacey, Carnes, E.H. Price, Hart and Cooley, Krueger, TempMaster and Titus.


The CVMK constant volume mechanism is made of galvanized steel with a corrosion-resistant spring.
Capacity: 75 pcm (35L/S) to 1,400 pcm (660L/S)
Dimensions: 4″ x 5½” to 23″ x 7½”
Factory settings, modifiable on-site

Tandem installation for greater volume

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